Derby Fest 2017
The venue for this years Derby Fest was Runaway Bay Sports Complex which located on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Derby Fest was held from Saturday, 21 January 2017 to Monday, 23 January 2017. This is a three day Roller Derby festival, with top coaches and players from the US, UK and Australia.
Bout 1 Twisted Sistas vs Keep Rollin' 90s RockBout 2 Inked vs Clean SkinsBout 3 Team Bacon vs Team VeganBout 4 Blockers vs JammersBout 5 Ghostbusters vs Beauty & the BeastsBout 6 Team Unicorn vs Crazy Cat LadyBout 7 Strictly Dickly VS Muffs & ScruffsBout 8 Vagine Regime vs Chaulk SuckersBout 9 Mythical Creatures vs Myth Busters {Juniors}Bout 10 Team VIP VS Pot LuckBout 11 Skate Of Origin NSW VS QLDBout 12 Green & Gold VS Stars & StripesDerby Fest 2017 Coaching and Crowds